Logitech MX Anywhere 3

I’ve not been using laptops too much in the last few years. When working from home I used my own desktop, so the work laptop was only used the few times I did go to the office.

But with the new job, I got some new work laptops and lost the ability to work from my home computer. In addition to those, I’m trying to use my MacBook Pro, just to play with Mac OS.

Well, multiple machines, and one mouse using a USB cord… Yes, I needed a new mouse. Did some googling, and ended up buying the newest Logitech MX Anywhere… number 3. I have had an older version before, and I did like that one so let’s see if this is as good as I hope.


First of all, some of the specs:

  • Chargeable with USB C
  • Possible to connect to 3 different machines(Switching is done on a button underneath)
  • Works on all surfaces
  • Small and light

The one with 3 different machines was the most important one for me. And It really works well. The battery time promises 70 days but for me, it’s more like 35(but that is good enough).

I’m not using the included dongle, just connecting with Bluetooth. And I’ve connected and used it with Mac OS, Red Hat and Windows, all working perfectly.

The fit is a little hard to explain. It’s small but works with a normal size hand. Also, the horizontal lines on the side of the mouse give a really good grip. The Scrollwheel automatically changes from normal to superduper fast scroll, that is a feature I had to get used to.