Snow, sun, chocolate and family. It’s Easter, a lot of people enjoy being in the big cities or maybe a place like canary island. But we norwegians often travel to the mountains to live in small cabins with extended family, often without electricity and running water. I could never live like this, but for a week it’s great. One of the best things, even though it feels worst before going here is the limited possibility of using tech. Usually I’m in front of the computer 10-12 hours on a workday, and 3-4 hours in the weekend. Being limited both on device and the use of internet makes it easier. Well, ending this with a picture taken from the living room window.

Tech travel pack and easter thoughts

Easter egg

So it’s time for Easter, the last part of winter. My family has a tradition to go to the cabin in the mountains, a place without water, plumbing and electricity(we have solar power for charging stuff and for lights).

Here we have fun in the snow, play board games and eat candy. Our tech use is limited, and the only internet we have is 4G based. It’s not that we don’t use tech, but we kind of use it differently. Often we play games together on them, or the kids watch together on one iPad. And the hours used on tech are much less than they would have been if we were home.

I really enjoy this vacation, the way we are stuck in the cabin and a lot few worries that I would have at home.

Tech pack list:

  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • 4g modem
  • AirPods
  • Apple Watch
  • Chargers and a battery bank

Yes, I may be an Apple guy, but I’m not a fanboy :-p
And no laptop this year, not going to work so I don’t need one.